I’m writing this having just sent off the final* version of the Minnie trailer.

Still 03.png

This has been a really interesting project to work on. I was approached by Atul’s Earth who wanted to make a trailer in order to help them secure funding for an environmental film. Anyone who has talked to Atul Srivastava knows how passionate he is about his work. He had an idea he really believed in but he didn’t have a huge budget for a video. He asked me to put together a rough idea of what I could make for him, with money he had set aside for the project, in order that he could formulate a plan.

Still 04.png

This was a real test of time management, and of figuring out how to deliver the most impactful video when you’re resources are slightly more limited than you’re used to. I wasn’t able to dedicate quite as much time to background design as I would have liked, but both myself and Atul are very pleased with the end result.

*I was once advised never to name anything “final”, because the file name will come back to haunt you. Once project I worked on at King Bee had 20 client revisions after the edit we had so rashly named “final”.