Animade's Milo Targett on Career Progression

This is a kind of "Part 2" to my Origin Stories blog post. I've reached out to a handful of animators regarding career progression - something I feel animators are often uncertain about.

My thanks to Milo Targett, Senior Creative at Animade, for agreeing to this short interview.


 Where did you begin learning animation?

I started out studying illustration and only really realised that it was a viable career toward the end of my A Levels. Animation was kind of another option that opened up as I got deeper into wanting to work with narrative. I only really started to learn animation in a technical capacity once I started working!

How did you find your first paid gig?

At my degree show I was lucky enough to get talking to some people who offered me some work. It wasn’t amazing work to start with but I was glad to be working in the industry.

How did you find your current job?

I applied for the internship at Animade but they offered me some freelance work instead which worked out quite well as I got to experience a few other studios before i eventually took a full time position there.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

I like coming up with ideas and designing. When a project allows you abit of freedom to try something new that is always great. I find it really satisfying to work with people on a project.

What advice do you have for people setting out at the start of their careers?

Just get your stuff out there, make things for fun in between work and build a portfolio. If your looking for animation work have something you can point to that shows you can animate well (particularly character stuff).

What advice do you have for animators whose careers are beginning to take off, but who aren’t sure how to progress, or what direction to go in next?

I think its good idea to work out what you like doing and what your good at as that will help you focus more. Its not always super obvious even to yourself what things to focus on though, i’m still working it out! When you start out make sure you stick up for yourself and know your value too.

Thanks, Milo!