Interview with James Huson, Freelance Animator

My thanks to animator James Huson for answering my questions on freelancing.


How long have you been freelancing for, and how did you get started?

I’ve been freelancing in motion for about 3 years now. 2 were part time whilst working in a studio 4 days a week and the third year has been solo - coming up on my one year anniversary this May!

Do you prefer working for studios and production companies, or directly for end clients?

I like a good mixture of both. At the moment I’m really enjoying working with studios, be it in house for a little bit or in my studio space, as I get a sense of working with a team - which is something I miss about working in an actual studio as opposed to working by myself.

In your opinion, is it better to have a large base of clients (in case one source of work dries up), or a small number of key people who provide you with work regularly?

Similar to my previous answer, I think a mixture is good - I have a bunch of people who provide me with regular work of whom I’ve developed great relationships with, but I’m also always looking out for new people to expand my client base and work on new stuff with. I think as long as you’re in control of all your work and you can give each job the 100% it deserves, either or is good.

Are there any networking events you would like to recommend?

Motion North in Manchester is a great place to meet some cool cats who are into motion (and to bag a couple of free beers.) And any Glug event near you that you can get tickets for is usually full of interesting people and solid talks! I was down in London a couple of months back and managed to catch a See No Evil night too - that was sick. Met a lot of great people too!

Do you have any advice for animators who are approaching studios, looking for freelance work?

Personally, I really love seeing what people are working on for themselves and not just what client work they’re throwing out. If possible give people a taste of any personal work you do outside of the day to day - personality and love for what you do is key, it’s always good to see that come through and can set you apart from others.

Thanks for agreeing to this interview! Where can we go to see more of your work?

No sweat! You can catch my most up to date reel over at - Although I post a lot of motion (client and personal bits) to my IG: jhuson_