Interview: Mathew Lucas on Design

My thanks to Mathew Lucas for answering my questions on his designing process. For anyone whose job involves design, this is really worth a read. I found it particularly interesting to learn where Mathew draws his inspiration from.


How did you start your career as a designer?

I started out as a traditional graphic designer/digital designer but found my first role in a small games studio. From there I started to pick up 3D/Animation/motion etc. in my spare time. From there I started to look for roles that were more multi-faceted, dipping into disciplines as and when the job/brief needed.

Is it better to focus on defining your own art style, or making sure you’re versatile and can fit in almost anywhere?

For me personally it’s never been something I’ve focused on — but I can say that I love a change of pace so every so often I’ll try something new to shake things up. I can’t keep still! In terms of industry though I find it flip flops, with freelance a lot of the time people want a style and will get in touch about that style. When it comes to full time roles, studio and agencies normally prefer someone who can turn their hand to multiple things. Two birds, one stone and all that!

Can you talk me through your design process. How do you go from a client brief to a finished piece of work?

I try to keep a process but often it changes and fluctuates so much that it feels like I’m running around in circles. One thing I can say is that paper is king. Any time I have mental block with a problem or design — nine times out of ten it’s because I’ve jumped onto the Mac. My sketchbooks are where the heavy lifting gets done. Every time.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Cliché — but everywhere. One thing I like to do is look purposefully outside of the industries I work in. It becomes a bit of an echo chamber, I’ll look for things a little further a field. Finding something that inspires you in photography or fashion design for example is a much more enriching experience than looking at other peers illustration work for illustration reference. You normally find it ends up somewhere very different but at the same time it feels like it’s ‘yours’.

Thanks so much for taking part in this. Where can we go to see your work?

No worries at all, thanks for asking! ✌️


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